Developing Video Games that Have the Power to Shape our World

We are an international collective of game developers, storytellers and culture bearers established by BAFTA award winning video game developers Dima Veryovka and Sean Vesce in 2015.

Colabees hail from far and wide but are joined by the common belief that video games have the power to shape our world. By crafting games that celebrate people and their remarkably rich cultural traditions, we invite a global audience to discover something new about themselves and the world around them.

Dima Veryovka
Founder, Creative Director

Dima Veryovka is an award winning Creative Director, Concept Artist and Designer, with more than 15 years experience in the video gaming industry at Sony and E-Line / Upper 1 Games

Sean Vesce
Founder, Development Director

Sean Vesce is an award winning Studio and Creative Director serving the video game industry for two decades in key creative and leadership roles at Activision, Microsoft, Eidos / Square-Enix, E-Line / Upper 1 Games

Our Colabees

We are social entrepreneurs, game designers, storytellers, artists, documentary filmmakers, engineers, cultural experts, sound designers and much more.

Headquartered in Seattle, with individual contributors & partners around the world. Each Colabee brings diversity and depth of experience but share one vision.

Our Past Work

Mech Warrior Series

SOCOM Series

Tomb Raider Series

Never Alone

Colabees accept the Indie Prize for Best Game Narrative for The Forest Song

This July at the Casual Connect conference in San Francisco, the Colabee team took home an Indie Prize for Best Narrative.

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